The biggest sin in content marketing and how to avoid it

The biggest sin in content marketing and how to avoid it

Imagine going to a party and meeting a new friend.

He’s a smart, knowledgeable, and an overall nice person.

So you’re talking to this new friend, but then after a few minutes, you feel like you want to run away from him if you could.

He’s not enthusiastic. His voice is monotonous and dull. He’s just plain boring!

Doesn’t matter if he’s super smart.

Doesn’t matter if he’s super knowledgeable.

Doesn’t matter if he’s a nice guy.

You wouldn’t want to talk to him again because he’s just super boring. So what does any of this have anything to do with content marketing?

Everything. Content marketing is a form of communication, just like talking. When you do content marketing, you’re talking to someone. And when you’re talking to someone, you simply cannot be boring. It’s the biggest sin you can ever commit. It doesn’t matter if you have good information to share.

As long as you’re boring, I guarantee that your content will fail. Many marketers and business owners think content marketing is all about pumping as out much content as possible.

They just write content for the sake of writing content, thinking “Oh I just need to give free good info, then prospects will come.”


Content marketing is ultimately about building relationships. When you building relationships, it’s not good enough to be good. You have to be interesting too. Being interest is the thing that will actually make people pay attention to what you have to say, and keep coming back.

Ever wondered why almost every website is doing content marketing, but few ever gain a huge readership with their blog posts “liked” and tweeted thousands of times?

You have your answer.

Anyone can provide information. Anyone can just “write content.” It’s boring. And boring is sin. How to not be boring? Here are a few ways.

Tell stories. Inject attitude into your writing. Write casually. Write conversationally. Don’t be like a formal robot with a script (in case you’re thinking you have a brand to maintain, maintaining a branding doesn’t mean you can’t write informally. With so many companies writing like corporate robots, writing casually and conversationally will help you seem more human and stand out).

State your opinions. Don’t be afraid to be controversial. Go against conventional wisdom. Provide a unique perspective on things. Find a different angle to cover a common topic. Provide insights that few people know of. Just be interesting. Your online success could very well depend on it.