Digital Marketing Round-Up: The Top News in May 2021

Welcome back to our Digital Marketing round-up series where we summarise the top news each month!

ICYMI: April 2021 Digital Marketing Round-Up

More Accurate Tracking with Facebook Conversions API

There have been increasing news of browsers limiting cookies, which will inevitably affect the overall ability to understand customer actions across websites via Facebook pixel.

This could limit advertisers' ability to effectively target, measure and optimise campaigns.

What should advertisers do?

Consider integrating Facebook ads manager with third party partner platforms such as WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, which offers solution to transfer data directly from the platform to Ads Manager.

This helps to establish more reliable data connection via Conversions API

Learn more here.

Scheduling Stories and Editing Scheduled Posts on Facebook

Facebook recently released new features to help business owners streamline content creation.

Here's what digital marketers can look forward to:

1. Post and Schedule Stories

Not only can you schedule posts, you can now schedule stories! Simply select “Create Story” on Home, or by navigating to the “Posts & Stories” tab on the Business Suite app.

2. Edit Scheduled Posts

Want to make changes to a scheduled post? You can do that with ease now. Simply head to the “Scheduled Posts” section of the “Posts & Stories” tab on mobile or desktop, select the post you want to edit, and choose “Edit Post.”

After saving your changes, you can view a preview of the updated post—and all other planned content—in the “Calendar” section of “Posts & Stories.”

Facebook is also working on other new features, including:

  • The ability to create and manage albums from the Business Suite
  • Create Facebook and Instagram posts to save as drafts

Learn more about the exciting features here!

Fix Indexing Issues by Talking Directly to Google

If your webmaster is having a hard time resolving indexing issues, Google has the perfect solution.

Webmasters can now contact Google's search team directly and report any indexing problems that they can't find an answer to in the "Community Forums and Support Documentation".

  1. Ensure that you have a verified Search Console account.
  2. Go to the footer of the URL inspection help document and indexing coverage report document.
  3. Answer a series of questions that try to help the user fix the issue by himself step by step before submitting to Google.


Unfortunately, the new feature has been released as a pilot only in the US. Here's to hoping that it's rolled out globally!

Learn more here.

To summarise

All the digital marketing updates for May 2021 seem to have a commonality - improve advertisers user experience and working process!

Which feature or update is your favourite?

That's all the updates we have for now! As one fo the top digital marketing agencies in Singapore, we aim to bring you the latest updates. Keep your eyes peeled for next month's round up!

Xavier Tan
Xavier is the Co-Founder of Heroes of Digital. He started social media marketing and SEM long before it became popular in Singapore. His passion is in helping businesses grow through effective lead generation. He has overseen campaigns for Amara Hotel, NTU, Marina Bay, L'Oreal, and 100+ SMEs.

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