Best Digital Marketing Practices for Doctors

Singapore has one of the best healthcare systems in the world and many foreigners fly in from all over the world to receive first-class treatment. The increased demand for medical services is one reason more and more private doctors and clinics are starting to use digital marketing in Singapore to promote their services.

Even though the market is large enough private practices need to make their names known to grab a piece of the pie. Luckily, digital marketing is available to both individuals and organisations of different sizes.

Anyone can make great results with digital marketing if they know what they are doing. Here are the best digital marketing practices for doctors that we have implemented for our healthcare clients.

Top 5 digital marketing practices for doctors

When it comes to digital marketing practices, there are many options out there. However, not all of them are great for healthcare marketing. It’s essential to find those marketing channels that give you the best results possible for your budget.

Don’t worry, we’ve picked out the five best digital marketing practices for doctors to consider. If possible, try to use all of them at the same time. If not, try to focus on as many as you can and see which ones bring the best results to your business.

1. Optimise patient experience on your website

A decade ago, just creating a website was enough to impress your patients, but today, hundreds of other doctors and clinics have websites. At the same time, more and more people are now checking websites before they schedule a medical exam.

On top of that, users are open to booking online, making contact, or at least exploring the site for additional information. That’s why website user experience has become so important. You need to make sure that your visitors feel comfortable on your site.

User experience affects some of the crucial metrics, including SEO ranking, bounce rates, and leads. It’s important to implement a website design that converts. If your visitors have a great experience, they are less likely to leave your site right away and more likely to turn into leads that you can further engage and turn into customers.

Tips for website optimisation

There are three main ways to boost user experience on your site – optimising it for mobile devices, improving its speed, and making it more usable.

  • Mobile optimisation is crucial because over 54% of website traffic comes from mobile users. If you don’t do it, you will be losing many potential customers, and mobile optimisation is also crucial for SEO growth.
  • Website speed is crucial in decreasing bounce rates. Most people will leave the website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Page speed is also a direct SEO ranking factor, but it can also indirectly improve SEO by reducing bounce rate.
  • Website usability means user-focused design. Your site needs to be available and accessible at all times. Everything on it should work at all times, and your services must be available to anyone.

If you would like to see how a well-optimised site looks like, check out some of the sites we’ve made at Heroes of Digital:


2. Do local SEO

SEO is one of the oldest digital marketing practices. However, it’s still one of the critical strategies for brands looking for better visibility and increased organic traffic in the long term. That is why you should consider finding professional SEO services in Singapore.

It is a long-term process of improving your site’s ranking on the search engine results pages. You rank your site by using specific keywords, building links, adding new content, boosting engagement, and constantly tweaking your site. With each new action, you send out positive “signals” to Google, which then ranks your site a bit higher.

However, many people confuse SEO with SEM. SEM is a paid version of SEO, so you have to pay money to be ranked higher. Depending on what you prioritise, you can either go for SEO or SEM or, even better, both. People opt for SEO if they are looking to build their domain authority slowly but surely and SEM if they are looking for a fast potential increase in sales.

Tips for local SEO

Local SEO is a set of more focused practices location-wise. The goal is to bring in traffic from people living near your location and be more visible to your target audience. Here are some of the most important aspects to consider.

  • Setting up your NAP: NAP is essential for local SEO, and it must be consistent. It’s short for Name, Address, Phone number.

digital marketing practices for doctors

  • Set up your Google My Business: setting up your location is essential for local SEO, so make sure to include all other relevant information regarding your NAP.

digital marketing practices for doctors

  • Include city name in your keywords: to rank your business locally, you should also use location-specific keywords.

3. Make the most out of PPC

PPC is short for “Pay-Per-Click” advertising, where businesses create ads and pay for each click an online user has made. It’s a handy set-up since advertisers don’t pay for impression estimates but actual results.

In other words, if you set up a campaign poorly and you don’t get many clicks, you won’t have to pay for it. Still, you will need experts that will do Google Ads management in Singapore on your behalf for maximum efficiency. Apart from this, PPC campaigns offer other benefits as well:

  • Getting instant traffic when needed
  • They reach audiences in a cost-efficient way
  • An excellent way to drive valuable leads
  • Positive ROI
  • Lots of targeting options
  • Can be used for boosting your social media campaigns

Types of PPC campaigns you should use

  • Click-to-Call campaigns: these ads display buttons users can instantly click to call your business.

digital marketing practices for doctors

  • Mobile call-only ads: such ads similar to those above, but they focus solely on mobile calls.

digital marketing practices for doctors

  • Google Maps ads: these ads are great with local SEO. After setting up your Google My Business listing, you can connect it to google ads and display ads in Google Maps.

digital marketing practices for doctors

  • Local awareness ads on Facebook: these ads help you put your business on the map cost-effectively.

digital marketing practices for doctors

4. Use marketing automation

As the name implies, marketing automation is the practice of automating various marketing processes using intelligent software. There are a lot of benefits of marketing automation:

  • Marketing automation increases efficiency and eliminates the manual tasks you have to do each day, letting you focus on your work.
  • Its lead scoring system and multiple criteria allow these solutions to generate hot leads that you can turn into sales.
  • These solutions let you integrate all marketing channels to have a better overview of prospect profiles and make better decisions.
  • Most importantly, it helps align marketing goals with the goals of your business.

marketing automation for doctors

Types of marketing automation for doctors

Appointment reminders: There are various software solutions you can use to set up appointment reminders across multiple channels. With this strategy in place, you won’t lose patients and increase your ROI.

Email marketing: Email marketing is alive and well. Setting up an automated email campaign can help you build awareness, find leads, and bring in more traffic.

Whatsapp follow-up: Lots of patients like to reach out to doctors over Whatsapp. Including follow-ups will boost their engagement and generate more leads.

Facebook messenger automation: You can answer questions, give suggestions, and schedule exams with patients.

5. Content marketing and social media

As an experienced Singapore social media agency, we know how much doctors can benefit from using this marketing channel. People get their health information in many different ways, and this includes social media as well.

Social media can be used by doctors in many different ways. Doctors can share their opinions, give advice, write articles, and so much more. On the other hand, they can also use paid advertising on social media to reach out to new leads and build awareness.

Social media is all about sharing content, and that’s why the primary focus should be on creating it and sharing it effectively.

Top 5 social media content marketing tips

Create interactive content

All marketers agree that interactive content brings better results. It’s important to include this kind of content in your social media campaign. Some examples of this type of content include quizzes, polls, surveys, interactive infographics, videos, whitepapers, etc.

Post regularly

To get the best results possible, you need to post regularly on social media as it boosts your invisibility and engagement rates. Also, consider being active in commenting, answering questions, and starting conversations.

Create unique images of your business

Images are critical in the digital world. You need striking visuals on your site and social media that build credibility and attract attention. At the same time, they can help boost your site’s SEO.

If you are using stock photos, here's a guide on how to make stock photos look better and stand out from generic images.

Implement consistent branding

All of your social media posts and visuals need to be branded. Work on your brand’s voice, logo, images, messages, and core values and embed them into your presence.

Create engaging content to boost website traffic

To be successful on social media, your content needs to be engaging. That involves giving genuine advice and helpful information, not just promotional content.


Carefully consider all of these digital marketing practices for doctors and create a plan to use them in synergy. See which areas are your weakest points and start from there.

However, before all that, do take note that digital marketing practices for doctors have to adhere to PHMC digital marketing guidelines. It is also important to use PHMC compliant copywriting in your ads.

If you require help setting up your campaigns, or simply want to find out more, consider reaching out to our experts in Heroes of Digital. With over half a decade of experience and more than 600 clients, our client reviews and case studies says it all. Sign up for a free digital marketing consultation today.

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