There has been an ongoing scam with individuals impersonating representatives from our company. They are known to target individuals on social media in particular. Heroes of Digital have since lodged a police report and would like to encourage our stakeholders to reach out to our consultants, strategists, and client success representatives instead of unknown contacts.
Here are some examples of the approaches scammers might use to gain your cooperation:
• They offer a job that pays for simple tasks, e.g. "like" social media posts and following social profiles
• They make you join a telegram group with other fake "employees"
• They ask you to participate in a giveaway
[This list is non-exhaustive]
Please note that we at HOD do not offer direct deposits or transfers of funds without formal invoices. If you suspect anything unusual, you can contact us through social media or call +65 6802 3658 for immediate verification. Please do not respond to those messages until we get back to you.
Stay safe! For more information on scams, visit this website or call the Anti-Scam Hotline at 1800-722-6688.

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