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What Is Social Media Marketing?
How Can It Help Your Business?

Social media marketing (SMM) is the process of gaining brand awareness and generating sales through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Our SMM system focuses on creating social media ads and content that generate sales for your business.

The messages in our ads are written persuasively to target your customers desires and needs. We also analyse ways to laser-target the best customers that are looking to buy your products or services, so that social media marketing can be an effective long-term strategy for your business to generate sales.

Here’s where many social media marketing agencies in Malaysia got it wrong. They create content from a creative perspective. It’s nice, full of puns, witty, and funny. But does it generate sales? Not for SMEs.

There’s more to it than that.
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How our sales-driven Social Media
Marketing system can help you

facebook and Instagram advertising

Facebook and Instagram
advertising system

Many might assume that social media advertising is only about boosting Facebook posts and targeting generic interest groups. It’s a lot more than that.

Our top-class Facebook and Instagram advertising specialists will help you effectively reach out to customers ready to buy your products and services with our proven 4-step formula that consistently generates paying customers for our clients (not likes or shares).

Effective remarketing

Consumers’ buying journey nowadays meshed up, and that requires advertisers to have multi touch points on various channels, as well as effective remarketing ads that helps advertisers stay top of mind.

effective remarketing
thumb-stopping creatives

Thumb-stopping creatives

For the price of less than a good full-time marketing manager, you get a team of 3 experts: a social media marketing manager, a copywriter who writes persuasive sales-driven ads, and a designer that designs great thumb-stopping ads and landing pages.

Marketing technology

One of the keys to success with social media advertising is to continuously optimize and refresh ad creatives to achieve higher click-through rates and conversions. Our inhouse technology automatically optimizes your social media ads and self-select the best performing ones so your ads will always be performing at its best.
marketing technology
online contests

Online contests

Running social media contests is another way you can use to increase your company’s brand awareness. It’s an effective way to build the credibility of your company, as well as encourage more interaction between you and your potential customers. We help you brainstorm creative online contests that you can run once in a while to gain brand awareness and engage groups of people that you might not reach through normal advertising.

Why we are different

We believe in accountability. We’ll show you results you can measure, or else.
You don’t need a vendor that executes the basics and asks you what to do. You need a strategic partner that understands the big picture and gets you results.
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We believe in accountability. We’ll show you results you can measure, or else.
Conversion Rate
We understand how to convert traffic into sales. Our persuasive web design and content generate more leads and sales for you.

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