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It’s frustrating when you’re trying to get customers to leave reviews, but most of them go unanswered. Has it ever crossed your mind that using a Google review link generator may significantly increase the response rate with little effort?

By changing how you send the review links to your customers, you’ll have better success in gathering reviews on your Google My Business (GMB) listing.

In this article, you’ll learn what’s wrong with just copying and pasting the review links in your email and how a link generator would fix that.

More importantly, you’ll also learn how to deal with negative reviews, which are bound to happen in any business.

What is Google Review and how is it important for your business?

Google Review refers to the review feature provided on GMB. When a consumer searches for a product or services in a local area, Google returns local businesses on the Google Map Pack or the right column of the search page.

The listing incorporates a 5-star rating and open-ended review format where customers could leave their experience with a particular business.

Here’s how Google Review looks like on the Google local pack
When you’re searching for the brand name, you’ll also get the rating and review displayed on the right panel of the search result.
If you click onto the reviews, you’ll get to read actual reviews left by customers.
Never underestimate the influence of Google Reviews as they could make or break a business’s reputation and revenue. If you’re not actively gathering reviews, you could be losing out to competitors, and the same goes if you’re not managing negative reviews online.


1. Google Review Influences Purchasing Decision

According to TrustPilot, 89% of consumers read reviews before they decide on purchasing a product or service. With Google having a dominant presence in the market, it isn’t surprising that 57% of consumers turn to the search giant to check out reviews.

Google Review is highly credible because they can’t be edited or altered by business owners. Therefore, consumers know they can expect trustworthy reviews on Google compared to those on the companies’ websites.

2. It Influences Local SEO

Google Review is also a ranking factor for Local SEO. Google aims to provide a business that ensures the best search experience for users. This means that the businesses listed on the result not only offers the said products/services but also provides satisfactory customer experience.

According to GMB guidelines, getting more positive reviews may improve local SEO for your business website.

Why should Business encourage their clients to leave a review?

It only takes a moment to reach out to clients to leave a review for your business but the benefits are immense.

1. Increases Trustworthiness of Your business

You can have a bustling retail store in the neighbourhood. However, if you lack in Google Review, your business is no different than a new store that’s barely set up.

A business without reviews fails to instil trust in consumers who have never heard of the brand. It isn’t hard to understand why as the same principle applies in brick-and-mortar businesses.

Think of reviews as the old-school ‘word-of-mouth’, except that it’s consolidated on the GMB. It’s proof that someone has bought something from your business.

2. Helps with local pack ranking

As far as businesses are concerned, ranking in the local pack is one of the objectives of local SEO.

The local pack is positioned above the #1 search result, and it delivers a substantial amount of traffic to the business. Yet, breaking into the local pack isn’t easy as it has only 3 spots that are visible on the search result page.
There are many local SEO factors that influence ranking on the GMB. Getting reviews is one of the easiest and most economical efforts you can take to boost your business’s ranking. It’s as simple as reaching out to customers and asking them to leave a review.

An increase in positive reviews on your GMB listing tells Google that your business is providing a great customer experience. It prompts Google to rank your website above competitors that lack reviews or only gather negative ones, which is how the algorithm works.

Google Review is good for Marketing

SEO aside, getting Google review helps boost your marketing effort. Getting a review, particularly a positive one, is a vote of confidence for your business. You’ll also benefit from these areas.

1. Greater audience reach

Having customers to leave a review on Google is more wide-reaching than leaving one on your website. Customers are more likely to stumble on the ratings and reviews on GMB than clicking into a review page on your website.

Your reviews are made public to a majority of potential customers who are on the internet. It’s safe to claim that no other medium has a wider reach than Google in an exposure.

2. Free advertising

Think of Google Review as free advertising. If you’re delivering top-notch products/services and encourage customers to leave their reviews, you’re getting the words around with literally no costs.

3. Increases Conversion

We’ve mentioned that customers are more likely to purchase after reading reviews online. There’s no better place than having the customers to read the reviews on your GMB listing. Reviews tell a lot about a company. It’s not only about product quality but also how responsive the company is to existing customers.

Therefore, getting Google Review is an important part of a marketing campaign to increase click-through rate, conversions, and of course, profit.

4. Improves Customer Engagement

Customer engagement matters if you’re hoping for repeat businesses. By responding to reviews, you’re showing that your business cares. It’s likely to turn new visitors into life-long customers.

How To Share Your Google Review Link

If you’re hoping to get customers to leave reviews for your GMB listing, you’ll need to get them to the right page. It just won’t work if you expect the customers to search for your business on Google and navigate it to the review page.

Customers won’t waste time doing that. Besides, the onus is on you to make leaving reviews a one-click process.

Here’s one method that DOESN’T work and you’ll want to avoid.
  ⦁ Search for your business on Google.
  ⦁ Click on the Write Review button.
  ⦁ Copy and send the URL on the browser to your customer.
There are two reasons why the step mentioned above is a bad solution. First, you’re sending a URL that looks unprofessional and suspicious. Most users are unlikely to lick on such links, which means you’ll have to go the extra distance of shortening it.

The link does not work as intended when clicked on Mobile. It only brings you to the search result of your company and not the review input page.
It’s unlikely that customers will complete the review process as it takes some scrolling and navigation to do that.

Getting the review links right is the Achilles heel of the entire process. Hence, we’ve created a free Google Review Link Generator to solve the issue.

What’s The Google Review Link Generator?

The Google Review Link Generator is a free tool that helps business owners create a simple link for customers to write reviews and works on every device.

It is as simple as keying in your business name on the link generator and creating the review link from a button. When clicked on, the link will take the customer to the review input dialogue.

You can also ensure that your GMB listing is correct at a glance with our Google Review Link Generator.

The tool automatically shortens the link, which makes it professional. You can easily copy and send the review link to your customers without any hassle.

It literally solves the stumbling block in getting reviews from customers. Customers are more than happy to help you out with a review if you can direct them to the right page. Our tool got that covered for you.

Dealing with Negative Reviews

As you start getting more reviews with our Google Review Link Generator, you may occasionally come across a few negative ones.

Most business owners panicked when some customers leave bad reviews on GMB, and it prompts them to stop getting any at all.

That’s a bad idea. Negative reviews aren’t necessarily bad for SEO or marketing if you know how to deal with them.

Unfavourable reviews indicate that there are rooms for improvement for products and services rendered by your company. You’ll want to address the concerns of such negative experiences by replying to the customer’s review.

While it’s essential to reach out to the customer to rectify the issues, highlight the steps you’ve taken in your reply. Be transparent about the whole issue and show empathy with the customers.

Doing so assures new customers that they are in safe hands when dealing with your business. Besides, responding to reviews also helps with local SEO ranking.


Studies have proved that reviews are an indispensable part of marketing, particularly in building customer trust. You’ll want to make it a habit to ask your customers to leave reviews if you’ve yet to do so.

As the reviews grow, so does your brand reputation and trust. You’ll find that the result manifests in search traffic growth, customer loyalty, and conversions.
HOD intends to help small and medium businesses thrive in their respective industries. Therefore, we’re making this tool free for business owners. Get your Google Review link and try it for your own business.

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