5 Ways to Use Video Content Marketing to Improve Your Social Media Marketing ROI

Videos are quickly becoming one of the most powerful tools for social media marketing. It is a vital tool for businesses to reach out to their customers, promote products, and increase conversions.

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If you are an entrepreneur, then the power of video content can do wonders for your brand. You don't need a big budget to create video content, and you can start with simple methods to create engaging videos without breaking the bank.

Why Video Content Marketing is Excellent for Social Media Marketing

According to WordStream, "Consumers who end up on an e-commerce site through a user-generated video are 184% more likely to purchase, and spend 45% more."

If you are starting a business or growing one, it is essential to know that video content is an excellent way to:

  • Show customers every angle of a product so they can see the quality.
  • Display features and benefits.
  • Describe how to use your product step-by-step.
  • Grab the attention of your target audience.
  • Build creative approaches that beat competitors.
  • Help your prospects to make the purchase decision.

Most people now prefer to watch videos instead of reading long texts when they shop online. For this reason, a lot of businesses are beginning to include video content in their marketing plans.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Video Content In Your Social Media Marketing

  1. Prove your expertise
  2. Increase customer trust
  3. Explain why your product is worth buying
  4. Reach more potential customers
  5. Convince users to take action faster

1. Prove Your Expertise

Most shoppers don't have time to read lengthy blog posts and search for information when they want something quickly. Instead, the information has to be presented to them in a short, concise way.

Proving expertise in your chosen niche is just one of the benefits of investing in video content marketing. It can help you improve your visibility and build brand authority. By consistently producing quality videos, your brand will seem more compelling and reputable.

There are different ways to do so:

Post Expert Roundups

A straightforward way to build expertise quickly is by posting expert content. To do this successfully, you will need to think about what problems your readers go through daily, how frequently they encounter similar issues, how helpful you can be, and whether you can provide value to them personally.

video content example

Being able to predict future trends in your industry is also critical. It helps if you identify where innovation is going to happen and capitalize on it. Once you have this information, you can craft effective strategies and take your business to the next level by putting this content in a way that resonates with your target audience.

Broadcast Live Events

Your audience is looking for answers. They don't want to be spoon-fed. That is why they are drawn to expertise and authenticity. When presenting items for sale, you need to tailor your offering to meet their immediate needs. Broadcasting Live events means putting yourself out there as an expert in your field by fielding questions in real time

Your goal will be to promote your services and product and, most importantly, listen to what customers have to say about them. The ability to interact live with customers has never been easier for entrepreneurs who wish to grow their brands through broadcast live events.

ig live content example

Launch Your IGTV Channel

If you are already running an Instagram business and would like to move up a level, launching your IGTV channel is preferable. Instagram gives brands a place to share video content relevant to their business.

instagram brands

Choose an appropriate brand theme and start uploading clips to your profile. Make sure they're high quality and reflect the tone of your content – this will help build trust with your audience and give search visibility to your brand.

2. Increase customer trust

In today's digital world, your customers are more tech-savvy than ever. They expect to interact with brands in videos as well as on other social media platforms. A well-thought-out video campaign can take advantage of this and encourage trust in your brand with consumers.

Research has shown that 84% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand's video. It can be an effective way to get people excited about your brand, especially if you can attach a strong moral or ethical message to it.

There are different ways to do so:

Post UGC content

Over the past year, there has been an increased focus on listening and learning from customers to provide the best possible experience. The goal of user-generated content (UGC) is to connect customers with a brand while providing value. UGC involves leveraging video content across all channels and toolkits to educate, entertain, and interactively engage customers.

UGC is content that is not produced by a company but instead by your customers. We are using video as a form of engagement with our customers. It is a way to show your audience that their input and feedback are essential in your brand's growth.

Collaborate with niche influencers

Another way to build trust comes from working with people who have an audience similar to your business and can help you build relationships through their work.

connect with influencers

When you partner with an expert, the trust that your customers have in you is increased ten-fold. An influencer is someone who has a large, vocal audience — often hundreds or even thousands of people — and leverages that audience to push products and services. There is an opportunity to increase customer trust by working with influencers directly related to your target customer base.

Share testimonials

Having a trusted relationship with existing customers allows you to ask them for their opinion on a product or service you offer, which helps build confidence in the process. These testimonials could include reviews from customers who've recently used your product or service or testimonials from people who've already been satisfied with your work.

Video testimonials also help in making connections with your customers. Your customers trust that you're genuine because they can see the proof in the form of your representative's story.

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3. Explain Why Your Product is Worth Buying

Videos provide more emotional engagement than written content. A study shows that 64% of consumers purchase products/services after watching branded social videos. Take advantage of this. Expectations for what your brand looks like should also be consistent with what people expect from you on the internet.

There are different ways to do so:

Do product overview

product overview

68% of consumers prefer watching videos to learn about new products or services compared to articles, infographics, ebooks, and presentations. Product videos that give value explain why a customer would choose you over another company offering similar products.

Post how-to tutorials

The best way to sell products is to show people how it can benefit them. Posting tutorials on how to use your product is one crucial way to do that.

Posting helpful tutorials also increases endorsements and strengthens your community support. Addressing common questions in a video can help to build trust and credibility. You should frequently update your audience about ongoing product developments to generate more story views and conversations about your brand.

how to videos

Organize Question and Answer sessions

It's essential to keep the community engaged. One effective way is by organizing forums and interviews that feature vital customers, partners, early investors, and other key figures. These can help clarify priorities, provide context and help build consensus around the importance of your product.

The focus of such sessions should be on getting fans of the product involved – giving them a voice so they can be part of the conversation. A Q&A event allows you to create a previously unknown connection, at least to those outside your niche.

qna sessions videos


4. Reach More Potential Customers

There are over 2.14 billion global digital buyers in 2021, and more are growing exponentially. Consumers are twice as likely to purchase products linked to videos sold by major brands as those without videos attached.

Run video ads

Running video ads allows you to create content with all of the intensity of blog posts but clocks in at around minutes or seconds long. Studies say the best length for a video ad is 6-10 seconds.

video ads


Social media ads can be a great way to grow your business and meet new people. 87% of video marketers say that videos give them a positive return on investment (ROI). These are people who might not otherwise engage with your brand because they can't remember your name or location.

5. Convince Users to Take Action Faster

Customers seek recommendations from friends and family, social media outlets, and other companies. Businesses should consider how they create, distribute and promote video content that can influence users' decisions on completing online transactions.

There are different ways to do so:

Announce Sales and Discounts

The best way to get more customers is to use video content to announce sales and discounts. Videos typically recruit by showing a product or service in action and prompting natural curiosity about how it works. They can also persuade by showing people the value of your product or service, the speed at which it's delivered, or the security it provides.

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Give Ephemeral Content a Try

Why should you try to persuade users to take action faster? Because in today's world, where time is money, it is imperative to ensure users are engaged as quickly as possible.

Most social media sites support the Stories and LiveStream features, ephemeral content that disappears within 24 hours. The FOMO effect influences customers who are just afraid of missing out on something important.

In a 2016 study, researchers discovered that the more frequently people experienced FOMO, they were more likely to be swayed by a brand's persuasive messages.

Video as a Content Format is the Present and the Future of Social Media Marketing

Video has quickly become the go-to content format for businesses for good reason. It offers businesses the opportunity to engage consumers directly, build loyalty and demand, and drive targeted traffic to their sites. The success of any video depends heavily on how well it meets all three criteria -- timing, delivery, and impact.

With the top five methods outlined in this article, you can understand why video content marketing is perfect for your business.

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