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We use best-in-class technology to ensure optimal campaign performance for all campaigns and collect better data to see what’s working and what’s not.

Machine Learning

Our leading machine learning technology automatically identifies ways to get better campaign results.

From lower CPCs to lower CPAs, it’ll be making the most intelligent decision at every level of the campaign without even thinking about it. It will help you gain an unfair advantage over your competitors 24/7.

Real-Time Reporting
& Analytics

The Heroes of Digital Dashboard is a real-time reporting system built to give you access to the data of your campaigns such as total number of leads/calls, cost-per-click, budget spent, SEO rankings and etc.

Our philosophy is to provide clients will full transparency and easy-to-understand data of how your campaigns are performing, so that you can make the right decisions for your company.

Persuasive Landing Pages

Your creative ads are only as effective as the landing pages they drive to. Normally, the way to double your leads/sales is to double your marketing budget, but that’s not cost-effective.

Backed by data and skills acquired through the years, our proprietary Conversion Rate Optimization framework has allowed us to beat most professional benchmarks by up to 300-400%.

Call Tracking & Recording

Every call that comes through your digital marketing campaigns are tracked so you know exactly how many calls you are getting for your investment.

Missed calls are automatically forwarded to your email and every call is recorded for quality control so you will never miss leads and have a higher chance of turning those leads into customers.


With heatmap technology, we can monitor the movement and behaviours of your website visitors. This gives you insight into how people are browsing your website, and allows us to make changes on the site to increase conversions.

Marketing Automation

We all have leads enquire but never lead to an appointment or sale, but that doesn't mean we can’t win them back.

With marketing automation, we help you develop a series of follow up emails or text messages that are automatically sent out to missed appointments or no-show leads to get them coming back.

Live Chat & Chatbots

Convert more website visitors to leads with our Live Chat technology. It is proven that many consumers today want their questions answered instantly and would prefer to enquire via live chat.

Chatbots acts as your website’s personal assistant, 24/7. It can help you automatically reply enquiries, book meetings, and qualify leads.

Find out our superpowers and see how we can help your business grow with digital marketing

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